Sonos Roam Trickle Charging

  • 13 January 2022
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I have a Sonos Roam. I have it on Sonos' wireless charger, so it is always fully charged. I have noticed that when it reaches 100%, the charging symbol does not appear in the app. Eventually, the charging symbol will appear in the app, and the orange light will illuminate. Is this correct? I thought trickle charging ment that it was always charging, and adjusted things itself. It seems to me that it does not charge after it has reached 100%, and then start charging again after some use. I guess my question really is how does the trickle charging on Sonos Roam work?


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2 replies

I’m slightly confused. If the battery is at 100%, what additional charging can there be? Shouldn’t the charging symbol not appear until such time as the battery drops below 100%, so there is something there to charge? I’m not sure I understand what your expectation is. Are you looking for a ‘this is connected’ rather than ‘there is charging’ indication?

This is normal behaviour, and is designed to preserve the life of a Li-Ion battery.