Sonos Roam moved over to S1 on initial set up

  • 19 October 2021
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Hi. I have 15 Sonos speakers connected in various configurations across several rooms. Two of the speakers are first generation Play 5’s controlled via the S1 app. The rest are controlled via the S2 app.  Both systems are rock solid and perform flawlessly independent of each other.  I have purchased a Sonos Roam and have attempted to connect the speaker to my system using the S2 app. The system appeared to get confused during set up stating the new roam required an update.  During this update the speaker disappeared from the S2 app.  For some reason it is now only visible on the S1 app. I’m fully aware its not compatible with the S1 app. I am now unable to remove it from the S1 app. I have reset the app and wi fi router without success.  Should i delete the S1 app, reset the roam and attempt to connect to the S2 app and If successful then reinstall the S1 system? Thanks.


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3 replies

Turn off the S1 system temporarily.

Factory reset the Roam and add it to the S2 system. Don’t reset anything else.

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Hi ratty, many thanks for your reply.  I have turned off S1 as instructed and added the Roam to S2 . The Roam instantly connected to the S2 app and both the speaker and all its functions are working perfectly. When should it be safe to switch the S1 app back on to avoid any conflict with the roam now set on S2.  Not sure why Sonos would not make new owners aware of potential S1 conflicts during the initial connection process. Once again many thanks for your help.

Oh, you can turn the S1 system back on again now. The S1 app will see that system, and the S2 app its system. 

There just seems to be occasional confusion when adding a new component if there are mixed systems live on the same network at the time.