Sonos Roam 5.1v charger compatible?

  • 30 June 2021
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Hi everybody,


it’s safe to charge Sonos Roam with a USB-C charger (made for Raspberry) with these specs:

  • 5.1v
  • 3.0A
  • 15.3W

I’m sure it will generically work but I mean if it could damage or make issues in the long-term use.


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5 replies

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Sonos recommends using a 5V/2A (10W) charger for the fastest charging time, so your charger should work just fine. The extra wattage won’t cause any damage.

Just to add I use a 5v/3A (15w) USB PD charger with my Roam and that works fine, so I think the charger will be fine too.

Thanks for the answers, I am not concerned about the wattage or the Ampere, I’m pretty sure that the unit will get what it really needs, but I am afraid about the voltage that is 5.1v instead 5.0v as the unit needs.

The usb standards should allow +-5% voltage tolerance, but I still ask if this could damage or something the unit in long-term.

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I believe the extra .1v is designed to compensate for the possible voltage loss if you aren’t using a good quality cable with the charger. So the 5.1V charger is safe to use. But if you are concerned about it, purchased a 5V charger.

Sure I could use a 5V charger (I already owns many), but I was curious and, above all, I have a fixed raspberry in a position, mostly its charger is free, and I wondered if I could use its charger for the Roam avoid to having a more cable around.

So… we still are not sure about the question.

Thanks anyway for the support.