Sonos power consumption

  • 19 December 2016
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29 replies

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I wouldn't expect 2 power cycles per week to cause much of a concern.

Your last sentence is unintelligible I'm afraid, sorry.
So, i've made some research, it seems no one had the idea to save power with WOL function. If this will be implemented they've to pay me royalties... 🆒
Seriously, other manufacturer have idle standby power around 4W or more (Heos, BlueSound, Bose...). Yamaha musiccast claims to have just 2 watt in idle mode, that is good. Sonos Play 1 is rated for ~4W idle (and 2W if WiFi is disabled, but this function is not officially supported by Sonos). Sonos play 5 seems to be just 1W consuming, but also this figure come from a user in the forum and is not officially documented.
Considering all other aspect, including the fact that Yamaha musiccast system has an open API that allow to heavily customize audio system operation, my choice defentively goes that way.
I'm interested in the WX-030 speaker and, when i'll win the lottery, in the NX-N500 :D

Dear Simone (Onesim) - I was very impressed by the analysis and work you've done. Any chance to continue this work together?
We do over-the-air wireless power and were looking for the right units to power.
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Hi, orimori. Welcome to the community. We can see if Onesim gets back to you but his only contributions to our boards were well over a year ago. You may wish to start your own thread.
Hi Edward - thanks for getting back to me so quickly.
1. Any chance you can provide Onesim with my email?
2. Is there anyone relevant from Sonos tech team that I can reach as well?

I'm from Wi-Charge ( and we do over-the-air wireless power.