Sonos Port with Sonos Move

  • 9 December 2019
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Hi, using iPad and iPhone. Is it possible to run Sonos Move via airplay on Sonos Port own wifi? Sonos Port is connected to a router with wifi with ethernet cable and sonos move is using the routers wifi not Sonos wifi. Having trouble with neighbours having fun with the balance and pause buttons. Very anoying. 


i am looking for a way to use Sonos Move only on or in the sonos net 2.0 network? Is it possible? 


It may also be that my iPad OS and IOS is hacked,. They paused my Sonos Port yesterday while only using Sonos port. Coaxial out to an amplifier. I have named my two Sonos Move speakers Dining Room IN Norwegian. There is a kitchen room in my airplay devices at the at the shut down screen with time and date and log in screen. Choose output device option after song title. Ios ipad os log in screen.That is not one of my rooms (kitchen). They may have a duplicate of my Sonos system. 

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4 replies

Why not change your password on your WiFi network? This would block the neighbors from accessing any of your devices.

The problem in your  suggestion is that the Sonos Move doesn’t connect to SonosNet, only your WiFi or Bluetooth. Additionally, as long as the Port is wired to your router, anyone who has access to your WiFi has access to the Port. It wouldn’t make any difference if you were running SonosNet or not. You need to remove your neighbor’s ability to access your network. 

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Agree with @Airgetlam. Change the password of your Wi-Fi. While you’re at it. (assuming your neighbors aren't computer hackers) you can also change and hide your networks SSID.

If i want to run only sonos port, do i still have to use wifi ? Cabled to a router,. 

Your Sonos System wouldn’t need to use WiFi, no, it would use SonosNet. You’d have to use the Move in Bluetooth mode only, and any/all controllers would still see your system, because it remains wired to your router.

Change you SSID and password, so that your neighbors don’t have access to everything, not just Sonos, on your network. They could be watching any financial transactions, sniffing passwords, or even copying files from your computer.