Sonos Port and One SL Sonos Move

  • 17 August 2020
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So bought into the Sonos brand, got the port to stream my albums outside and to also to stream radio, pod casts, ect. through my home stereo.

Set up was easy and i was pleased the it actually worked! Buuuuut then the One SL stopped working and went missing from app. tried and tired to get it back online but no go. reboot after reboot and back to factory setting after reboot…..ect. and still no go:/

Returned the One SL and am waiting on the Sonos Move and see if that and the Sonos Port and the Sonos Brand work as planned and live up to the hype, it’ll be nice to be able to stream my albums on the deck as it plays inside and through my home stereo at the same time. 

3 replies

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Hi @bigant7, welcome to the community, and thanks for reaching out with us. Sorry if you’ve had to deal with this but we’re here to help. Just to let you know that Sonos is always dependent to the network but since you have replaced it already, let us know how it goes and submit a diagnostic of your system in case you encounter problems. Reply to us with the confirmation number. Also, it would be easier for you to use the Move because after setting it up to WiFi, you’d be able to pair the Sonos Move with Bluetooth to play whatever you want using your phone or computer. Just let us know. We’re always here. 

The whole purpose of getting the Move and the Port is to have what’s playing on the home stereo (albums cd’s) and also on the pool deck at the same time. We shall see if it works when I get the move Tomorrow. It worked with the One SL for one day then the One SL didn’t work at all. 

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Hi @bigant7, thanks for your response. Having the Move or Sonos ONE SL should work with that set up that you want because you’ll connect all those third-party devices to the Port and play to all Sonos in a group. You can try checking the distance of the Sonos device from the router because if it’s too far away could be the reason why the connection with the Sonos One SL did not work properly. Wiring one Sonos product to the router would create a dedicated wireless network specifically for your Sonos system and Sonos products will be able to pass the wireless signal to other Sonos products, which means it’s possible for Sonos to operate in a room that is beyond the reach of your WiFi. Let us know how it goes. We and the community are always here to help.