Sonos Playbar for me?

  • 20 October 2019
  • 1 reply

Yesterday the power went out and my Onkyo amp’s optical audio input woke up dead. Thus, my hardwired Polk soundbar became useless. Coincidentally, a Sonos Playbar has appeared on Craigslist priced at $350.

In my home I already have a stereo pair of One’s and a Sub that I use exclusively for music that I’m really happy with. So, I have a couple of questions:

  1. Is the old technology Playbar still viable as a TV sound source? My TV has optical out.
  2. I don’t necessarily want to integrate the Playbar into my music system, but would like to have the Sub do double duty. Can I have the sub contribute both to my Sonos One’s for music and then turn around and be a part of the video (Playbar) system when the TV is playing. I will never require both modes to be playing at the same time. 
  3. I am old and my hearing sucks. Is the Playbar’s voice mode useful?

I would appreciate any advice. Thanks.

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1 reply

  1. Yes
  2. No, not easily. It requires a setup process every time you change it. Not impossible, nor really hard, but something you’ll not relish extremely quickly, and it also removes any TruePlay settings. 
  3. I’m old too, and it works on both my PLAYBARs for me. Hard to tell if it will work for you.