sonos play5 motherboard damage

  • 29 March 2022
  • 1 reply

My sonos play5 was working well, suddenly it stopped nd smells like burn something. i think my sonos motherboard has been damaged and warranty had been used already. now i want to buy compatible motherboard for my sonos play5. From where i can get the original one?

1 reply

If you want to buy a new sonos products, you can visit this link
there are plenty of products and their parts also. i have checked multiple websites to get knowledge about gadgets and i found this website. it helps me how to repair motherboards and other stuff like that and fix them with zero money.

Note, that first link is for complete speakers. Sonos doesn’t sell parts for their speakers, just the full device.

That second website has nothing whatsoever to do with Sonos, and as near as I can tell, is merely a spam link.