Sonos play1 multiple WiFi networks

  • 26 November 2017
  • 6 replies

Just bought a play1 for my wife she wants to carry it between her studio and house both different wifi they are a quite a distsnce apart.
It seems for some reason sonos only recognises one wifi access point surely she goesnt have to re pair with an access point time she moves it. Or has Sonos designed this software as such you need to purchase a second sonos?!

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6 replies

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Yes she’ll have to set it up on the networks each time. These speakers aren’t really designed to be portable.
Thats truly crap my android phone attaches to every wifi zone around my house. Its easy to design in software. This is obvoously by design to make it less easy for someone to use it in multiple locations. Thanks for your response all the same. I shall contact Sonos and request this basic feature available on wireless phones for years to be available
Set The two networks up, so that they Are identical.
Not a solution, but a workaround.
You mean identical ssid and password
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you could also at one location plug in to Ethernet port (Sonosnet) and then leave the wifi credentials the same for when return to other location. That is probably your best bet.
Or perhaps a travel router, with the Sonos connected to the travel router's SSID, and then log the travel router into each location's SSID. A bit more to carry, but my travel router is pretty small.