Sonos PLAY 5 Power On Failure

Post a year and 2 months of use my 2nd gen Play 5 would refuse to turn on out of the blue. A quick google search confirmed a number of users facing the same issues across the Sonos product line.

On contacting Sonos, initially they asked me to send them a couple of photos showing the speaker connected to the power supply and the serial number. The customer rep said that this would be taken care at no cost to me. After submitting the photos, I receive a email for an RMA/replacement wherein they offered to ship a replacement for a whopping $280, which is more than half the original price of the Play 5. On enquiring further with the customer rep, I was curious to understand how did Sonos arrive at the replacement value without even going through my device.
I understand that a speaker like anything else can go kaput, however my problem here is the flat price tag to replace it with no guarantee that this would not happen with the replacement device. Ideally I would prefer if Sonos gave an option to ship the device to their facility, and based on the diagnosis send me a quote for replacement.

If I pay a premium for a high end speaker, I would expect it to last at least a couple of years given proper usage and maintenance. Truly disappointed with the turn of events. Has anyone faced a similar situation ? Are there any services that provide out of warranty service for Sonos speakers at a lower price point. I couldn't find one online.

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Some sites do very limited repairs on Sonos devices, I saw it mentioned here somewhere.

If the Sonos warranty isn't good enough for you buy from Amazon and add on a four year warranty. I wish Sonos would offer the Square Trade warranties but they don't so...
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Going thru same situation, 3 and a half year old Play 5 Gen 1 failed the other day, pictures submitted.
I'm sure they don't repair failed devices. Maybe they investigate to determine cause for future manufacturing improvements.
It is surprising how many failures there appears to be, considering the price we pay. They may replace with a Gen 2, so some upcharge for an out of warranty device is not bad a deal. I think they need to realize too, that an unhappy base of users at a time they plan to go public selling stock, is not a desirable situation. How would Apple handle this situation? Be patient
Different experience here. 3 year old Play 5 Gen 1. I called Sonos support. A very helpful agent told me that, although it is out of warranty, due to the fact that it is a power supply fault they will exchange it FOC. Either advanced replacement, where they will hold my credit card detail until they receive the faulty unit, or basic replacement where they just replace it on receiving mine. They even sent me a prepaid DHL sticker.
Personally, I can find no fault with that sort of service at all
Further to my last post, I find this unbelievable. I returned my 3 year old Play 5 Gen 1 using the basic replacement service. 4 days later I received my FOC replacement. It was a new boxed Play 5 Gen 2. Incredible service. Thank you Sonos!!!
My old Sono Gen 1 Play 5 had a damage, the power board supply doesn´t work, On contacting Sonos, initially they asked me to send them a couple of photos showing the speaker connected to the power supply and the serial number but the customer rep said there is no guarantee.
Truly disappointed with sonos customer service.
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You are out of warranty but Sonos is willing to work with you on getting a replacement unit and you are unhappy?

Did you open it up before you contacted Sonos support? That seems to limit your options from what I have heard.

How old is it anyway? I don't think the Gen 1s have been made or sold as new for a long time now.
I knew it had a damage 'cus it didn' t turn on. My 3 year old Play 5 Gen 1 works good útil Last weekend
My Play 5 (one of two) suddenly stopped connecting. Tried everything without success. Called customer service, who ran diagnostics, and concluded there was a hardware failure and I was out of warranty. He offered a replacement unit for $280. I asked if that would be a new or used unit, and after significant delay, the reply came that it would be a reburbished unit. I decided not to go that route. Frustrating that there's no way to service/repair a very expensive unit.
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Once you have declined the sonos replacement offer there is nothing stopping you from getting it repaired locally or doing it yourself.

Having Sonos do the repair and ship the unit back to you would likely cost more than the replacement unit. I have run into this on several devices, a refurbished deal or shipping, parts and labor to repair my busted unit. I usually take the safe option and go refurb.

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