Sonos Play:1 not working

  • 30 November 2020
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Play 1 stopped working. Tried resetting it, tried connecting via Ethernet cable still does work. I have tried another play 1 and that still does not work. Checked the forums and cannot see anything to help!


Do these just give up after a while?


5 replies

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Hi @Dalec1973.

Welcome, thank you for reaching out to Sonos Community since you already tried some troubleshooting steps let me help you further.

Can you tell me more about the Play:1?

Is this the first time you tried to set up both devices in the same network?

Have you check the setting on your router?

Here are router settings that need to be verified. You can contact your ISP or the manufacturer of the router for assistance.

a. Auto channel must be set to Off

b. Choose best non-overlapping channel (1,6,11)

c. Set channel bandwidth to 20MHz

d. Both 2.4GHz and 5GHz should be enabled

e. 802.11 band should be set to b/g/n

f. Airtime Fairness should be disabled

Let us know if it works. If you need help with any other information, please be sure to let us know.

I think I am having the same exact issue. I have 2 Play 1’s and a Playbar. My 2 Sonos One’s work fine but the others do not. I reset one of the Play 1’s and tried to link it to my account but it’s not working. Right now, the speaker shows up in my System screen as “Not Registered”.

Before all this happened, I was unable to play any music from any service (Apple, Pandora, and Amazon) The error I’d get when trying to play a song was “Unable to play ‘<song name>’ - unable to connect to <service>. Another error I’d get was “Unable to add tracks to the queue”

The only way I can get music to play is if I start playing it via one of my Sonos One’s and then select the Play 1. 

I’ve checked the wifi settings mentioned above and have all of that set accordingly. Please advise. 


It’s not clear if you tried refreshing your system: Power off all Sonos, reboot router, wait for the router to start up before you power on Sonos. Reboot controller (phone/tablet/PC).

Check for wifi interference

Try connecting again via ethernet. If you want to keep Sonos wired by ethernet to use SonosNet instead of wifi, remove wifi credentials



You have another thread going:

I did try to refresh the system, rebooted the router, reset the speakers etc.


How do I check for Wifi interface?

I dont want to keep the sonos wired, I want to connect it using wifi, but the program tells me to wire it!

The system had been working fine, we updated our sonos software because it told us to and it have never worked since.

You say that you did a reset of the speakers. If that is really what you did, it would have erased everything within the speakers, including your wifi credentials. In that case you need to setup the system from scratch.

If you did not actually reset the speakers but only rebooted them, connect both speakers to power, wire one speaker by ethernet cable to the router, go to Settings → System → Network and enter wifi credentials. Then remove the ethernet cable and the speakers should now connect to your wifi. If you use a mesh wifi the cable must be plugged into the first hub, not into a satellite.

I presume you already checked your router’s settings as advised by @Mark P.

If you refresh the system you should do it in the same order as described in my first post.

To check for wifi interference go to the link I supplied in my first post.