Sonos play:1 low bass popping

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Hi- I've been using my sonos play:1 for a month. I've noticed a low bass popping sound intermittently. I've used the trueplay calibration twice to no avail. I've also sent off a diagnostic. Is anyone else having the same problem?

An example track where this occurs is Coldplays track "magic".

Any tips would be most appreciated.

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Probably better if you posted that number of the diagnostic here, so that the Sonos folks could look to see. In fact, I'd be tempted to call in and talk to them about this. You can find their customer support phone number here:
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Thanks. The diagnostic number is 7470831.
You're most welcome. Now we wait for a Sonos person to check it out.

But I'd be still tempted to try calling in, especially if you think it might be a hardware fault, which generally can't be dealt with on these boards.
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Check your source as well. I used to get popping sounds but only on Tunein radio. So I isolated the issue and had the Radio solve it.
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Hi Jitb,

I would recommend doing a factory reset of that PLAY:1 and setting it up as new.

During the setup process, there will be a step where it asks you to press two buttons on the PLAY:1 and listen for a chime. Let me know if the chime sounds distorted at all.

If not, please continue the setup and let me know if the sound still sounds off when playing audio.
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Update- so after speaking to the team over the phone I returned my play:1 and replaced it with the same model.

Unfortunately the issue still remains. I find it highly unlikely that it is due to a hardware problem. Surely two speakers cannot be faulty?

I'm using virgin media for my internet connection at 100Mb. IPhone 6. Have tried true play tuning with both my phone and my iPad. No difference.

This is getting annoying!!
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Hi Jitp, as unlikely as it sounds, an audio issue like a bass pop is almost always due to hardware issues. You could try using that player in another room to see if it might be an odd sound echo. To get this sorted quickest, it'd be best to give us another call. That way the team can make sure to get the replacement handled quickly, assuming it's a bad player.
Turn off Trueplay, or try reducing the bass in the EQ settings. In my experience there's a corner case where Trueplay bass lift can under some circumstances cause slight clipping somewhere in the P:1 audio pipeline. I've witnessed it on a handful of P:1s and they can't all be bad hardware. Sonos have made substantial software improvements but it can still rear its head at times.
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Thanks ryanS. I've tried this in my kitchen and in my living room with no improvement. I've also tried the unit with a wired Ethernet connection too. I'll give the team a ring tomorrow and see what they say. Thanks for the advice.

I've tried the player without trueplay and the popping stops, but the sound is now very flat and not of the quality I would expect from the player. I did get the replacement player from the same store, and I'm know wondering if there was a "bad batch"?
Is the popping still present at low volumes when Trueplay is enabled? A physical defect in the actual speaker would manifest at higher volumes.
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At low volumes it is not present. It starts when I get to approx 25-33% of the volume bar on my iPhone using the sonos app.
Note how loud it sounds at 33% with Trueplay enabled. Now disable Trueplay and increase the volume substantially, way past the previous level. Basically, play it loud without Trueplay. Do you still hear popping?
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Hi ratty. Ive just tried this and unfortunately I still hear the popping sound on the bass. Its almost as though the bass cuts out after the popping sound occurs, and then comes back in. Ive submitted 2 diagnostics- one with the trueplay on (7578841) and with the trueplay off (7578967).
I'm having the same bass popping problem with one of my Play 1s. I submitted diagnostic 7654428 just now in hopes the Sonos team could help find the problem.
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So I'm now on my 3rd replacement play:1. I still have the same issue. To be honest, I really like the interface and ease of use therefore I'm going to put up with it. It's a little bit disappointing but I can't see another solution.
1) I've tried the player in another room
2) I've tried it with an Ethernet connection
3) I've tried trueplay off- it's much better when off but the quality of the sound isn't as good
4) I've put in a powerline extender to boost the wifi signal in the room with the player and that's not made any difference either

I'm hoping that with ongoing use the speakers may just "bed" in a little better. I'm using a virgin media super hub 3, iPhone 6.

Hope this helps.
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Looks like this isn't the first time people are having this issue.
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New diagnostic sent 7661785. I'm I've listened to music all weekend with trueplay on and then a whole day with trueplay off. There is definitely less bass popping.

I'm thinking more and more that this is a software issue with trueplay.
Fascinating. I've had two pairs of Play:1s for a couple of years that I listen to all the time that have been TruePlayed since TruePlay came out. Never had a problem with any bass popping on them. Just out of curiosity, what's the music, and source of the music?
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I've been using a variety of sources including my own iPhone stored music, Apple Music and Amazon prime music.

I have a single play:1
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I've found a track that it distorts on throughout the track. George Ezra- don't matter now through Apple Music. Diagnostic sent 7661785
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Hello Jitp, it sounds like it may be best to troubleshoot in real-time for this issue. We can't see any indication of this in the diagnostic report. It looks like you may have had a support case open previously however, is this related to reference 170717-00137?
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Hello! I have two Play 1 in a room (stereo) and one in another room. With the Play 1 in stereo there is absolutely no popping. But with the another Play 1 AND ONLY WITH THUE TRUEPLAY there is horrible popping...
I've had the same problem with one of my 4 Play 1's. I followed the advice in the thread, turned off TruePlay and adjusted my bass. Seems to have gone away.
Noticed this bass popping on my play 1. Got a replacement as advised by support. The new play 1 is doing exactly the same bass pop/ distortion. Trueplay is on. Turning off trueplay helps but then the speaker sounds terrible. This is why we need a comprehensive EQ function not just a lame treble and bass EQ. Hopefully new updates can fix this issue with Trueplay and Play 1’s.
Might be worth posting a diagnostic, along with information about the source of music and which song you're playing, to help them try to reproduce the issue.