Sonos One Junk

  • 9 April 2019
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Never buying Sonos again

5 replies

I bought a Sonos One a little over a year ago only because it had Alexa built into it. Now all of the sudden I can't get Alexa to respond because the microphone is broke. Customer service told me the warranty is only good for a year. For the price you pay for this junk you'd think it would last longer than a year. Making sure to pass this along to everyone I know and leaving bad reviews everywhere I can.
And yet there's millions of sales that don't have issues. I'm truly sorry that you had an issue with yours, but one out of millions doesn't make a product junk.
Every other "high quality" product will at least give you a 2 year warranty and better service. Makes it a junk product and a junk policy. Where did you get the millions number from?
According to this article:

The company ended 2018 with 22.7 million registered users globally.

I’m taking the assumption that there is a minimum of one speaker, at the least, per registered user. There are other users who have more than one speaker, but in order to be a registered user, you would need one.

Would I like longer warranties? Sure, but at what cost? I don’t know enough about the market to determine what the cost would be.

But I know that I’ve been a member of this forum for many years, and consider the rate of failure reported here to be pretty low. Not non-existant, to be sure, but damn low. I assume there are failures that aren’t reported here, but I’d guesstimate that number to be pretty small for a computer device built into a speaker and sold at a relatively low price.

It sucks that you got bit, there is no doubt. But I don’t think that makes all of their equipment bad. On the other end of the spectrum from your experience, I’ve got a PLAY:5 from 2013 which continues to work fine. There are others, I suspect, who have older equipment that continues to function, as well as a few who have issues like you have. As you can see from posts here on the forum.

I hope you can figure out some way to get past this issue, and again, I’m sorry the device failed on you.
Seems odd that the microphone broke, they are extremely rugged devices. Perhaps liquid was spilled into them?

At any rate, an Echo Dot can be set up to play to the Sonos speakers, cheap way to get a replacement mike. Perhaps even the Echo Input, though not 100% sure of that.