Sonos not finishing songs

  • 13 September 2017
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I have just purchased my Sonos system . So far disappointed. Songs do not finish. I have seen a lot of posts on this but haven't read any that report a positive result. Has anyone had this sorted out? Still on hold with customer service, bad first impression. Diagnosis confirmation number 7834494.

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8 replies

OK, lots of questions, and a couple of potential answers.

First off, what Sonos device(s) do you own? How are they hooked up, i.e. Boost or Standard mode? What device is your controller on, and what OS is it running? What is the source of the music that isn't finishing? Thanks for submitting the diagnostic, that would answer many of those questions for someone from Sonos who has access, but the rest of us don't have the ability to read it.

Generally speaking, songs not finishing would be a result of the speaker losing connection to your local wifi. Most often, there are 2 potential reasons for this. One is wifi interference, and Sonos has an excellent FAQ here:


The other potential cause is duplicate IP address conflicts, which unfortunately can't be seen in a router's logs. The easiest thing to do is to unplug your Sonos devices from power, then reboot the router. Once the router is back up and running, plug in the first Sonos device (the one that's wired, if you have one, if not, just pick the closest to the router), and wait for it to fully boot up before moving on to the next. Repeat as necessary.

This process can usually be avoided by doing research about setting up reserved IP addresses in your router. Just be sure to assign the Sonos devices out of the range that the router normally assigns. My router starts at .00, so I started assigning all of my Sonos products (and frankly, everything else I owned) at .50 and higher, so that when I have guests over, I've got at least 50 IP addresses to hand out without any reason for fear.
Thank you for your reply Bruce, I am getting no useful help from Sonos as yet. Unfortunately I am not as computer savvy as you, and this all seems a bit complicated for me. I just paid my good money and a lot of it, to purchase a good system that worked. This has not been the case so far. I will try and work my way through the above. Thank you again.
To answer your questions on my system, I have two play 3's set up in stereo, a play 1 in my room and a play 1 in my pergola, I have no boost.
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Give them a call too.
Thank you bockersjv, I will, I have just received an email from them, I am in Australia so hope support is here. I am hopeful it can be sorted out, was so happy with the system for the first day, and I am enthusiastic about adding to it - it just needs to work! Thanks again for reply.
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I had early issues too with songs skipping etc. Mine was interference form a Phillips Hue Hub. One day I will also get round to setting up dedicated IP addresses but whilst its working well now I have not been bothered.

No shame in not being computer savvy. Shoot, I just act like I am, but I can't hold a candle for many of the folks who post here. But I am a results driven person, and know enough to know what I don't know, and what I do.

As John (bockersjv) mentioned, many sources of wifi interference aren't from devices we typically think of wifi sources, so it bears looking at how close things are to other things (why does that start a Monty Python thing in my mind?)

But, the non complex way of resolving IP addresses that I suggested in my first paragraph about duplicate IP addresses is non-technical, just requiring you to be able to unplug items from power, and then plug them back in. Takes a little time, sure, but that's as complex as it gets.

And I'd certainly second bockersjv comment of calling in to them. Most reports I've seen in these boards indicate that their support staff are quite helpful. You can find their phone number and hours at
You mentioned that one of your speakers is in your pergola. I would assume that's outdoors and possibly on the fringe of your wifi range? Have you tried using a phone or tablet out there, or some other method, to see how the wifi is doing?

And, this is probably not the issue, but does it never finish any song? As in the last few seconds fade out as a new song begins on ever song? If that's what you're experience, then that's crossfade, which is a configuration setting that can be turned on an off. It doesn't sound like that is what you're seeing, but just want to be sure.
Thank you all very much for taking an interest and offering advise, very much appreciated. I think the problem is solved. My house is not big, and the lounge is just through the wall from the router, so I didn't think the wireless range was the issue. However, I decided to spend a bit more and added a boost unit. After a few hassles in getting the boost seen by the system, I have finally succeeded and as I type I am listening to music from a playlist with no songs incomplete, so I an thinking my issue is resolved. Thank you again everybody, its great support.