Sonos network and BT Smart Hub, disconnections and ungrouping overnight

  • 19 November 2016
  • 1 reply

I've had issues since switching to BT, though there were occasional issues with Virgin previously.

I have a grouped 5 and 1 with no Bridge or extenders, wirelessly connected to the Smart Hub. The hub's bands have different SSIDs. Regularly, and it always seems overnight, the 2 units become ungrouped. Also, if I try to play the Sonos 5 using the play button on the unit, the orange light flashes and it doesn't resume. When i use an android controller, it takes a few seconds to find the system, then works as usual.

Once or twice though, the controller's have failed to find the Sonos players but rebooting my Smart Hub has fixed this.

Any ideas¿ Static IP addresses maybe?

Not sure why this always seems to be at night, I don't think my router is powering down to save energy in its settings.


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1 reply

From time to time BT updates the Hub software overnight. This would cause a Hub reboot and the Sonos units would temporarily disconnect. As a result a group would break and the players could lose their current source (hence the orange LED and an inability to resume).

IP addresses in later BT Hubs are 'sticky', so your devices would usually be assigned the same IP address anyway. Reserving fixed IPs is therefore generally unnecessary.

How often does this problem occur?

If you wanted you could submit a diagnostic and post the number for Sonos Support to pick up. Any router-induced perturbations would leave evidence in the player logs.