Sonos Move vs Bose Portable Home?

  • 7 January 2020
  • 3 replies

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The Bose is smaller and significantly lighter than the Move. It seems the Move have a little bit more bass. 

What is your opinion about these 2 speakers?

3 replies

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Plenty of YouTube comparisons an web sites doing so. This is a Sonos forum so the answer would be Sonos more often than not. 

Bose have had a few attempts at their range of wireless speakers, none being back compatible. 

I’d take one move over any number of Bose speakers. 

I’d certainly agree, you’re much more likely to get a unbiased opinion on another forum that isn’t dedicated to Sonos support.

This is the second question on these lines you are asking here on something that is subjective if you are referring to sound quality. There will be no better answer than what you got on the Marshall speaker thread - listen to both and trust your ears to tell you the answer.