Sonos Move - Simultaneous Wifi and Bluetooth (like Sonos Roam)????

  • 22 November 2021
  • 2 replies

Any chance Sonos will bring this feature from Sonos Roam to Sonos Move with a software update?

2 replies

I am not aware of any anything further on this since the post linked below.  I doubt you will get a different answer from Sonos today, and will learn that this feature has been added if and when it happens.


I’d have assumed that if it was a possibility, it would have rolled out at the same time for both devices. Which makes me think there’s a difference in the way the hardware is set up. But not impossible for the next gen, as there’s frequently enough time between generations that Sonos has no option but to update the chipsets in use. And frankly, the older, less capable chipsets often become more costly than newer chipsets.