Sonos Move in White...Hmmm?

  • 21 September 2019
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I've seen questions asking when will Sonos market the Move in White. If I were you I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for that to happen 🤔. Besides, Sonos doesn't reveal future product updates/revisions until just before they launch. I doubt we’ll ever see a Move in White. Here’s why (IMHO)…

Products designed for outdoor use have one common enemy…the Sun. Specifically UV rays and heat both of which are equally bad news for electronics. Without getting overly technical anyone reading this should achieve a layman’s understanding.

Color has a lot to do with how well UV rays are rejected. White has the lowest UV ray rejection rating and Black has the highest UV ray rejection rating. That said we all know that for clothing white is better for keeping the body cool versus black which absorbs heat. The best color to wear in the summer for UV Ray rejection and low heat absorption is Blue. Click here for a 3rd party explanation.

So…what does this have to do with the Sonos Move? I doubt very seriously that Sonos would consider marketing the Move in blue. The actual color of the Move is not black nor is it gray. It’s an off-black or what I’d term a "Shadow Black".

I’d bet your next paycheck that the Sonos engineers chose the Move’s color not by accident. I’d venture to say that the color choice strikes an acceptable balance between good UV ray rejection and reduced heat absorption. Thereby making Shadow Black the perfect color for an indoor/outdoor speaker. Looks good indoors and travels well outdoors.

Of course I've been mistaken before and that could very well be the case now. So feel free to offer your take on this subject. Now I’ve got to go install my new Sonos Port ☺. See ya!


18 replies

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I hope you’re wrong. I would buy a white one. All my Sonos are white. I like to have it in my house and on my balcony. And have it with me on some trips.

I would have another blutooth speaker to the beach.

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I saw a Move ‘in the flesh’ only for the first time last week.  I was surprised how much I disliked it in its black colour and instantly thought how much better I thought it would look in white.

Hadn't seen this thread before which made me laugh to be honest.  I'd bet the colour choice had close to zero input on it being possible to use outdoors.  Just like many other speakers that can be used outdoors are made in a whole variety of colours. The thermal benefits of it being in white are probably higher that those of its supposed colour fastness/UV rejection in black - but obviously not enough to really matter.

I'm pretty sure it's just an aesthetic choice Sonos made that they like it better in black.

+1 for me though that they do release it in white too, at which point I'd probably pick one up.

Some really good points made here. Reading them made me think of when I bought my sub in 2013. It only came in flat black. Later it was offered in black lacquer then after that in white. Maybe the Move will follow a similar pattern. Everything I own is white and although I’d buy a  black Move, I’d opt for white if available. 

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Please, yes! Make it in white! I’ll buy two the day they’re released! 

It does seem like a strange move to not release the Move in white - if you’ve invested in a whole range of Sonos in the white colour scheme (like me :sob: ) it’s difficult to bring yourself to suddenly buy a black speaker! It’s a massive shame as I’d love to buy one of these, so patiently waiting to see if a white version materialises...

oui je pense qu elles rencontreront un gros succes en blanc

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I too am refreshing Google weekly in the hope that Sonos will release a white Move.

It may sound silly to some - but a black sonos in my bathroom or on my balcony would be a serious eyesore. I'm even keeping my eyes peeled for a 3rd party cover as a compromise ...I want this speaker!

Ross, I hope you get your wish. Your post brought a smile to my face ;)

+1 more for the Move in white!

Our wish has been granted!  It’s here!

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Phew, we can breath again ;)

Although I really wanted it in white, I bought a Sonos Move in black on May 24th 2020 after reading articles like this and believing that there wouldn’t be a white version. I can’t tell you how disappointed I am with Sonos that they continued to include articles like this in their community (the place they tell you to go to “find answers to your questions” and to stay “up to date on the latest topics”) when they knew they had a white version that was about to be released. Indeed, not only am I disappointed, but I think that their behaviour is very unethical. As a consequence, having spent about £1,700 on Sonos products this year, I’ve decided not to buy any more Sonos products. 

Posts by users are now “articles”?  

I don’t think I want Sonos censoring or removing user created posts as you’re suggesting.  A user gave their opinion for you to accept or reject as you wish, not meant to be an 100% accurate reflection of Sonos actual plans.  I can see where you might want Sonos to announce future products at a earlier date, but there’s always going to be someone who bought the other product right before the new product is announced.

@apb78 - ‘articles’?  This is a user forum, not the Sonos in house magazine.  You will find all sorts of opinions on here, If Sonos started deleting posts on the grounds you are suggesting, 80% of posts would have to go.  

You made your own decision at the time.  The consequence is that you have a great speaker in black when you would have preferred white.  Now you are going to take your ball and go home.  Your loss.

its White but NOT white...they call it lunar white everyone else on the planet will call it grey!

The welcome pack is the same white any any other white sonos speaker a pure matte brilliant white...the speaker is light grey...

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Like that.

Just waiting for a smaller one where the battery doesn't die in days or switch itself on when fully powered down.

Ability to charge from lots of USB  chargers would be good too (even if it is slower).


So is the ring recharger the same Lunar white colour or still black? Much prefer the white…..