Sonos Move in W1 mode

  • 30 November 2019
  • 2 replies


Hi there 

Can someone tell my why the Sonos Move is running in W1 mode while im using a Sonos boost running in SonosNet mode W0

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2 replies

Be a use the Move does not have the ability to connect in SonosNet mode, it needs to connect to your Wi-Fi.  

MOVE dies not support SonosNet because MOVE does not have a network port and full SonosNet compliance requires a network port. This would imply developing yet another protocol, SonosNet3 that does not include the network port. Since MOVE is a portable device, including a network port is sort of an oxymoron. True, this would be a relatively minor hack, but it would become yet another detail to develop and support.

While I prefer to use SonosNet when possible, I must admit that current WiFi gear is much more capable than the 2005 era WiFi (when SONOS was introduced) and SonosNet is not as much of an advantage as it once was. Actually, I prefer to wire as many network devices as possible because, even if the current WiFi hardware (and SonosNet) is more capable, the wireless environment is becoming more and more polluted. As WiFi6 becomes more pervasive, consequences of this wireless pollution will be mitigated for a while -- until yet more and more wireless devices are deployed. (Then we will probably be talking about WiFi7, 8, 9 ...)