Sonos move battery kit out of stock

  • 22 July 2022
  • 5 replies

Hello, i just buyed a sonos move, i read that the battery might be changed after 3 years..on the sonos web site the battery kit is out of stock. Does anyone knows if they’re still producing that one or it just ended here?? otherwise i will just give it back :(

5 replies

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They are still producing the replacement battery for the Move. It is probably just out of stock in your country. It is currently in stock in the US.

I don’t think there are any Sonos Moves old enough to need a replacement battery pack yet. This is certainly the first post I’ve seen about the issue, ever. 

If you do see an ‘out of stock’ notice for a product on the Sonos website, there’s often an option that will allow you to be notified when it’s back in stock - so perhaps consider using that too, perhaps?



If you are considering the purchase of a spare battery now, in case you need one in the future, I don’t recommend this strategy because unused batteries, potentially sitting for years without being recharged, do not age well.

Thank you all for the infos 💫