• 8 November 2018
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I have an idea about new SONOS product. Mini box which I can pull directly to the power socket with ilumination ring. Something like mini SONOS night-light with small speaker. To the toilet room, to the garage, to the...

Not cables - not RJ45 - not extra bass - only music at all house..

Of course it need too much models = for all power sockets of the world (OR - only four - UK, Germany, China, USA)

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3 replies

Interesting thought.

But how big does it need to be to get enough "good" sound out of it. I generally find speakers smaller than say 4" to be weak/tinny to my ears. I'll admit to having a Sonos One sitting next to my sink. 🙂
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While I personally prefer more robust speakers for decent sound quality I DO think this is a good idea. I think Sonos needs to be prepared to cater to folks that would consider putting a bunch of Google Home Minis throughout their house. Even for someone like me - there are a few applications that I could think of for this sort of product (walk-in closet, foyer to supplement existing speakers, etc).
Small box = not too good sound as Play:1. SONOS Micro may be only music expander to some rooms, where I don´t need best sound quality, but I need music on garage - when "I´m under my car", or at toilet "when "I´m ..." It can be other thing which other brands still hasn´t..