sonos defaults to playing music

  • 6 April 2014
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I have a play bar connected in my lounge room with TV and multiple sources connected. If I have it set to TV after about 15 minutes of no input to TV it switches to Music.  It also seems to default to Music.  How can I get it to default to TV.  We use the TV 90% of the time in the lounge room and this is frustrating.

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4 replies

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Hello Ben,

The PLAYBAR will always revert back to whatever music source was playing before the TV input started after a while of not receiving a signal. There is a setting under Room Settings > PLAYBAR called TV Autoplay. This setting has the PLAYBAR switch to the TV input as soon as it detects a signal on the Line-In. With Autoplay engaged the PLAYBAR will still revert back to the last played music source, but it'll switch over to the TV input when it's active.
In the modern world of options, I think you should make this a choice in the sofware.

1) Do Not Reset(Leave it wherever I set personal choice as I am tired of pausing a program for a break and having to reset the source when I come back)

2) Reset to Source(Choose Source)

Autoplay has it's uses but in my setup it usually caused problems so it is turned off

If Autoplay is on it usually interferes with settings(If I am watching TV and the computer shifts to My computer(Connect) input...If I am playing a game on my computer and turn the TV on just to watch without sound....the sound shifts to the TV.)
This started happening when I updated my Playbar's firmware and connected it to my phone.
I have NEVER played music on it.
Now my housemate is freaking out because she has no sound on the tv, and my phone is here with me at work so I can't change it back.
What was wrong with leaving it the way it was working??

Is there a way she can switch it back without having the Sonos App? I'm having problems talking her through changing the tv settings.
Not without the Sonos app. Does she have a PC or Mac or smart phone that she can install the app on? It could then connect to your system, and be able to change the input that way.