Sonos Connect and Play 1

  • 29 December 2016
  • 2 replies

We are currently using a Sonos Bridge and Connect to play Napserr through our stereo system. I have just added a Play (as a different room) so we can play music in another room and whilst the Sonos app can see the Play 1 when we put music on it only came through the usually stereo system.
I then connected to the wi-if network and now we have music through the Play 1 but no music through the stereo system.

Please can someone advise me how to get it all to work together.

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2 replies

The Play:1 will not play music until you select it and either choose to play music in that Room, or group that room with another that is playing music.

To select the Play:1 room so it appears in the Now Playing screen and you can play/control the music on the Play:1: Tap on the Room name at the top of the app, tap on the Play: 1 Room name. You can now play music to the Play:1 Room.

To Group the Play:1 with another Room playing music: Tap on the Room name at the top of the app, tap Group on the Room you wish to group to, check the Rooms you wish to group together, tap Done.
Thank you very much, so simple when you know how!!!!!