sonos beam and sub

  • 18 November 2019
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i bought a beam and sub and I installed it successfully we were using it the first night in our tv and then the next day the sub and the beam are not connected anymore to our wifi I can’t do airplay and through wifi speaker but i can use it with our tv through the arc but the sub is not connected to the beam anymore tried to use the sonos app and did some troubleshooting still not working. Please help.

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2 replies

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This sounds likely to be a wifi interference or ip address issue.


As a first check, try powering off the speakers (pull out the power lead). Then re-start your router. When it has fully restarted, power up the Beam; when it’s fully restarted, power up the sub.


Let us know how that goes.


First turn off 5ghz on your wifi access point, have it only run on 2.4GHz, give that ssid a unique name to differentiate it from the 5ghz ssid so that you can in future lend control to what devices connect to which (adding a simple “_2” to the name of your ssid is a simple enough) and when you turn back on 5GHz, add “_5” to the name of the ssid...for example.


Connect your mobile device you are going to use to set up your system to your 2.4 wifi network, then go through the setup procedure for your Sonos components. 

Test it all when done.

After it's done, go back into your WiFi access point and re-enable the 5GHz radio.

This isn't a golden rule or anything, but I have done this for easily a half-dozen friends and family that were having problems setting up their components where they behaved like a cohesive collective.. and this seems to have made all issues go away.