Sonos as wireless bluetooth speaker for general computer usage

  • 28 November 2017
  • 5 replies

is there a way to do this? if not, who needs to be fired for not including this in a system this expensive, when its available on $50 junk speakers everywhere else? :)

get on it!

kthanks, leemooBAI!

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5 replies

Sonos is a networked multiroom hifi system not a computer speaker. Your complaint is like someone saying 'for $250,000 this Ferrari should be able to go off road".

This has been a deliberate policy from day 1 of Sonos, so the person to be fired would be the founder who created this multi-billion $ company from nothing.

If you really want it a BT receiver in a Play:5 line in will do it.
the ferrari is built for speed, which means low to the ground, which means it would suck at off road. this is a speaker, which could easily have bt as part of it. so... not really the same, but good effort! yer oddly adoring of this founder. thanks for the bt receiver, tho!

*biggest warmest huggles*
A speaker is a speaker like a car is a car.
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Sonos has never had an intention of being a Bluetooth solution. It has concentrated on an end of the market in which it saw a gap.

If you want a Bluetooth speaker buy one. But don't expect a company to change its operational plan to meet your perception.

The person who needs sacking is the one who lead you to believe Sonos would work with your computer. A bit of investigation would have demonstrated that this is not the case.
Look at the post history. Joined 11 months ago, claimed to have had the system 2 years at that time. So he's an owner for 3 years and is just now coming to the revelation that it's not a Bluetooth speaker?

Don't even bother, just move along.