Sonos arc working with amps

  • 24 July 2022
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I can get either my Arc and Sub to show up on the app, but not my three amps. If I delete the app and reload then I can get the three amps to show up, but not the Arc or Sub. I have tried wired individually and daisy chained and wireless, nothing seems to work. I have wired speakers connected to the amps, then work on individual TV’s, but not with the ARC and Sub. Is there something, I am missing?


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2 replies

It’s possible the devices were set upon separate ‘house hold’ accounts, as ‘new systems’ rather than using the ‘add a device’ function in the controller. If the Arc and Sub are showing up, go ahead and factory reset one Amp. Then open the controller, and use the ‘add a device’ function. When that is done, you should see both the Arc/sub room, along with the ‘new’ Amp. If that works, go ahead and do that same process with the other two Amps. 

Note, you’re not able to put three Amps in a single ‘room’, or in the same software ‘room’ that has the Arc. They can certainly be grouped, but not ‘bonded’ into the same ‘room’ It isn’t clear from your post what you’re really trying to do. 

Thanks for the help. Used the factory reset and reinstalled, everything works fine now. Thanks again!