Sonos App randomly changing volume

After some time of using the speakers (about 2 hours) they just now started randomly changing the volume (especially making the music louder) and I couldn’t get it under control.

Even when changing back to zero/mute they went back up into infinity. No but seriously, there is no one else in the WiFi and I was using the Amazon Echo Dot to start the music, switched it once from the Spotify app and didn’t do anything until it suddenly started changing the volume.

I‘m on an iPhone X with iOS 11.1.2, an active Spotify Account and using Play:1s and a Playbar. Also had the problem before (not just since the iPhone X or iOS 11).

PS: Sorry if I posted in the wrong topic but I saw other threads similar for his one in here.

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Maybe turn off the lock screen control...maybe your accidentally hitting while locked.
I'd recommend that you submit a system diagnostic, and post the number here, for the folks at Sonos to look at, within 10 minutes of having that change in volume. There would likely be something in the files that are included that would tell them what's causing the volume increase.
You know, as a random thought, you may want to turn off the hardware buttons feature in both the Sonos controller app and in Spotify's settings as well. I'm wondering if it is possible that you may have a sticky volume control button on the phone...or heck, even on the speaker.
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Also worth just checking that there aren't any Spotify Connect users inadvertently controlling your devices while using Spotify (apparently this works even when not connected to the same network).
My system will also
randomly raise the volume, unreasonably loud too. Not conected to anything but the tv. Did you find a cause/resolution?
I unfortunately did not find a solution yet. But it did not happen again as well. I also don’t have anything connected but the TV. Still searching for the cause..

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