Sonos 5 Stereo Pair from Aux Input to One Speaker?

  • 14 October 2021
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Before i take the plunge and buy an additional Sonos 5 to create a stereo pair, will this work if i only use one speaker with aux input?

To elaberate a little, i’m currently coming out of a mixer with RCA to jack cable into aux input of a single Sonos 5, but want an addtional Sonos 5 to create a pair.

I used to use a connect to two 1’s but the delay from mixer cue to actual speacker output was hiddious so switched to a 5 with aux input, which still slightly delays but tollerable. Just dont want to get into that situation again (if its even possible).

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1 reply

The aux input will still function when you setup your stereo pair of Fives, and the delay should be unchanged.