Sonos 5 cant connect

  • 16 April 2017
  • 4 replies

Had my Sonos 5 for a couple of years. Never had a problem before and its currently connected to 3 other control devices in the house as it always has been. Not changed a thing just bought a new laptop that has windows 10 on it. My others are Windows 8. So everything exactly the same but it just wont connect. Turned firewall off, turned antivirus off etc etc. Tried absolutely everything. Im not a tech thicko Im pretty good with it but this is just doing my head in. Its obviously something to do with windows 10 I imagine. Anyone got any ideas? Oh i should add that all the other devices can still all connect.

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4 replies

I've not set up my Win10 machine (in fact, none of my WinX devices have Sonos installed right now), but if I recall correctly, you need to set the network on the machine to "private".

You may want to try a search on this board for other solutions, but fair warning, the search function isn't really that great. so you may get mixed results (from none to too many, or irrelevant).
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Did you try all the settings here
Thanks guys ive sorted it and it was down to a dodgy installation of windows 10. As soon as i did a re-install it allowed me to connect That privacy setting is definitely not mentioned in the Sonos troubleshooter which seems bizarre as its a default setting and most definitely stops you connecting if its left unchanged. Its on the configuring the firewall page but again the troubleshooting process doesn't address it. Thanks again.
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Isn't "a dodgy installation of windows 10" an oxymoron?

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