Sonos 5 as a HiFi extra speaker

I have a NAD receiver in the Living Room and extra speakers in the Kitchen. I want to replace the Kitchen speakers with a Sonos 5. Can the pair of speaker wires ending in the kitchen be used to supply a signal to the Sonos 5 Line In from from a Line Out on the NAD? Obviously a jerry rigged cable will need to be made with the appropriate jacks. The goal to to continue to have music form the HiFi in the kitchen, and also music from wifi source form the Sonos %.

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The problem is that the speaker wires will be (presumably) carrying a speaker level signal, and the Play:5 needs a line-level. You could of course install a device that attenuates the signal - IIRC they used to sell those for car stereos so one could add a better amp to a factory stereo without line-level outputs.

A better, albeit more expensive solution, would be a Connect, with line-in fed from the receiver's TAPE or line level outputs. You'd then get the additional benefit of the Connect's output available to the receiver.
Thanks. My thought was to just use the speaker wire running from the living room to Kitchen as a conduit for the Line-level connection to the NAD amp from the Sonos 5 Line In. A Sonos Connect cost even more than the Sonos 5!

I would put RCA plugs on the ends of the speaker wire then at the Sonos 5 use a RCA- 3.5mm cable conversion.
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I wouldn't let it stop you from trying, but as I understand it from working as a volunteer in church sound crews, line level cable is shielded while speaker level is not, because speaker level signals are much stronger and less susceptible to electrical and radio wave noise. So, try it, but I expect it will be subject to interference. Being in the kitchen, I imagine you'll get some cool midrange buzz every time the microwave goes on.
Good point. Thanks
No! No! 1000 times no! An amplified signal into a line level input will not only not work, it may destroy the line in or even the speaker. You will be overdriving the signal by an extreme factor. You must convert the amplified signal to line level.
I think he means to use the line level output on the NAD, but use the laid in speaker wire. Worth a shot for the convenience and if no buzz creating interference is picked up by unshielded wire, it may even work well with little effort.
Kumar you have it correct
As I said, worth the try; if it picks up hum, you know what to do!


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