Sonos 1 and Play 1 Integra

  • 23 November 2017
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I was all set to order my Sonos 1 to integrate it with my existing system, which is fantastic. What could be more brilliant than to integrate it with Alexa?

My jaw dropped when I read that it doesn’t integrate with Play 1 nor can it be used as the rear speakers for a TV system. What? This is like Apple coming out with iPhone X and then telling people that it won’t work with their iPads or Macs. This is beyond a poor decision on Sonos’s part. This was a major misunderstanding of your core market strength and how people configure smart technology in the home. I invested a great chunk of my disposable income in Sonos because of how brilliantly the products worked together and could be used in mix and match configurations. Did you not understand this is why people plunk down so much money for your expensive speakers? C’ guys are smarter than that.

I have a small apartment. I have two Play 1s, a Soundbar and a Sub. This is already overkill but dang it sounds good and it all works together seamlessly. I wanted to swap out one of the Plays and move it to my bedroom. Can’t do that now. If I did buy additional Sonos 1s, I’d want to have a Play 1/Sonos 1 setup in each room so I’d have Alexa in each room. I think a LOT of people would want to do that but that isn’t possible either.

What were you thinking, Sonos? This should have been a slam dunk. If you couldn’t get them to play together for technical reasons, you should have waited. If it was a cynical ploy to get me to buy more Sonos equipment than I need or want, it was remarkably greedy and short-sighted. And you’ve lost a loyal customer that talked up your products all the time.

Please fix this. This is a deal breaker and will be for many people. I expect the initial Alexa problems people are reporting will be fixed with software upgrades - no biggie. But until then Sonos 1 and Play 1 are freely interchangeable, I’m out. I’ll check out the Apple HomePod instead. I’d be royally pissed at a Sonos for making me waste my investment but at least Apple understands its products must integrate. I thought a Sonos did too until today.

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