Since the new Sonos remote player, i constantly lose connectivity with my speaker

  • 16 January 2021
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So since I downloaded the new sonos control player, I've went from never having any issues at all, to constantly having intermittent issues with my speakers. The speaker will work fine for a few days, and then, usually on my mobile device, android, I get the message unable to connect to Sonos. Before anybody says, I've tried turning it on/off, I have lots of devices using my broadband, and I've changed providers since then and no other device has any issues what do ever. I recently reset my speaker, worked fine for a week until now, mid song. Since the update, it's basically bricked my speaker and all the help given seems to only work short term. It works while wired, bit I didn't want to pay for a premium system to have wires hanging everywhere so it's not really an acceptable alternative for me. Submitted a diagnostic report to Sonos but no reply. Shock. From a product that was used several hours a day to one that can only be used several times is a month is so disappointing. I was about to buy another Sonos one and and beam to set up a surround system, but until this app is fixed I won't be wasting any money on any more of their products. 

3 replies

Gage F,

I’m not quite sure if you’re are here to ask for help, but as another user, I’m happy to try to assist, but you would need to provide some basic information about your setup… answering these few things would greatly help:

  • Are you are using a centrally based WiFi Router, or a Wifi mesh system?
  • Any ‘other’ Wifi Access points/Repeaters/Power-line Adapters/Managed Switches?
  • If you are running your devices on SonosNet (with at least one Sonos device wired), or are all unwired and connected to your WiFi only?
  • Which SonosNet/2.4ghz WiFi channels & channel-widths are currently in use?
  • How many Sonos products, if they include a Boost or Sonos Move?

It might just be your router has been updated/rebooted and auto-changed its WiFi channel to an overlapping channel, (many modern routers do this), but if you can answer the above points, often these things can usually be easily solved, if you know how to change your router WiFi channel.

You may also find this video helpful too: LINK


Thanks for the response. Definitely a cry for help. I love my Sonos and because of the quality, I'd planned on getting a full Sonos system and at least a Sonos 1 for every room. It's not a mesh system, everything runs off it. I don't think it's a WiFi problem because this happened on the old WiFi basically as soon as the app update came out. I had the original app and never had a single issue. I did a full reset recently and it worked for a few days but over the last couple of days it's been super temperamental. I'll try your suggestions in the morning and let you know after a few days how I got one. Tha ms for your reply, I appreciate it!

That’s okay, happy to help - if all Sonos products are running on your WiFi, then try your router’s 2.4Ghz WiFi on either ‘fixed’ channel 11, 6 or 1, as those channels don’t overlap ...and set the channel-width to 20MHz... that should give you the best signal with minimal interference.

If you opt to Wire a speaker (after doing the above) - wire it direct to the router only (not via a switch etc.) and keep the device at least 3 feet away from the router to also reduce interference.

There are two important things to do if you choose to wire a Sonos device, as follows:

  1. Set the SonosNet channel in “Settings/System/Network” in the Sonos App so it is at least 5 channels away from your chosen router channel. This will likely give you the best connection overall.
  2. Goto the Sonos App “Settings/System/Network/Wireless Setup” and reset/remove your WiFi credentials - this will prevent your speakers hopping between the (wired) SonosNet internal signal/connection and your WiFi signal - so this too will improve stability in a system where one device remains wired to the router.

Hope you’re able to do those few things and that it solves your current issues.