Separate Bedside Alarms from a PLAY:1 Stereo Pair

  • 27 June 2014
  • 4 replies

We have a stereo pair set up on the bedside tables of our studio flat, I would like to set each of the speakers to work as individual alarms in the morning, but the 2 speakers to play stereo at other times.

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4 replies

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When the players are set up in a stereo pair our software treats them essentially as a single player.  The sound is separated out into left and right channels but other than that, they basically act as one.  This mode requires a bit of additional software setup behind the scenes, which is why creating the pair takes a few moments.  

Neat concept though, it sounds like you want each of them to act as it's own independent alarm for the person on that side of the bed.  I'm going to switch this topic over to an idea and modify the title a bit.

Thanks for sharing!
Yeah, that's what I mean! Cool, thanks for your reply!
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I'm also looking to do this! It seems like a cool idea.
I'd love to see this too. (A sonos with a time display would also be fantastic for bedroom use)