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  • 11 October 2019
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I recently tried to get support from Sonos and was told I had to pay a $99 fee for three years of support or $149 fee for lifetime support because my speakers are over 6 months old Where did this come from There was no disclaimer about this policy when I bought two Play 1 speakers or the Beam This is totally outrageous!! Especially when I can no longer play my iTunes to the Play 1 speakers after Sonos removed this feature a few months ago I am surprised that there has not been a huge backlash as yet I'm sure it will come I will never buy or recommend a Sonos product to anyone On community member said they were going to sue Sonos and I am considering doing the same Shame on you Sonos
Truly Disgusted

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8 replies

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Hi Shoota, where did you contact us? Is it possible that it was a fake support site?

We don't offer any support services for a charge, unless you're talking about an out of warranty replacement fee for a product that is no longer covered by our standard warranty service.

You can contact the support team for free using any of our contact options here.
There was another post recently, where someone did a search on Facebook, and found one of these scam support sites. Fortunately, this user figured out rather quickly that it wasn't official Sonos, as soon as they asked for payment.

I'd echo Ryan's concerns. Make sure you're dealing only with Sonos. You can contact their support folks by clicking on the "contact us" link at the bottom of this page.
I now think I was talking to a scam telephone #
Thanks for suggesting this
The bad site tel # is 888-989-8569
They were very pushy about the fee bit and spoke with an accent
That certainly does sound like a scammer to me.

The Sonos folks certainly may have accents, but they wouldn't ask for any money.

Hard to track anything via a phone number, if you have a website, there's a greater chance that Sonos might be able to get it taken down.

Always best to use a true website to garner contact information.
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As Airgetlam said, that's a scam number. The phone number for our support line is listed in the contact link above, for the US, it's 800-680-2345 (and yes, it's free to call and talk to the team).

We've seen a few similar scams over the years. See here for a thread on it.
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Something I find handy when I find a website that looks iffy is this tool, just paste in their name and see just who they are or see they are hiding their details.
It's unfortunate that there are a lot of tools to help us on the web side of things, but it's much more obscure when you start talking about phone numbers.

I seem to remember (back before the whole "intertube" thing) that there was a reverse lookup phone book, but I don't know if that translated when the web came out, or even if it covered toll free numbers. I think the problem also might be that it's harder to get cooperation between international telephone companies than it is for website hosting companies. Due to history, and inertia, I suspect. There's that fine balance between commerce and security, too.
A search for the phone number leads to a site that is using an older SONOS logo. I'm sure that this logo is trademarked and the SONOS legal department could bother the site owners. Also, searching the Community will turn up a few references. I don't care to reference any of these things here because this will tend to elevate the scam site in searches. And, I suppose, simply searching for the site will also tend to elevate the site.