Samsung LN-T4042H & Playbar compatibility

  • 3 January 2017
  • 3 replies

Hey guys. Not terribly tech savvy, but I get by. Hopefully I can convey my issue enough to get me going in the right direction.

I've got a fairly old (8-10yrs?) Samsung LN-T4042H, I've got my Playbar set up and connected - but have no sound. If I'm understanding my manual properly, my TV is able to output 5.1 sound (again, if I'm following along properly, I need this?)
I have no cable or satellite box. I have an Apple TV in one HDMI port, and an Xbox 360 in the other. I'm able to stream music through the Playbar, and control the volume with my TV remote.

Based on a few other threads I've been reading, I have a suspicion but I could still be way off base. I feel like my lack of connection is getting lost somewhere between the optical cable and the 2 HDMI ports I'm using, does this sound right? Obviously the end goal is to have everything through the TV play through the Bar - my second issue may be that everything I have is old tech - Xbox 360 & the previous gen Apple TV. Any thoughts on how I can make it all come together?

I've sent an email in to Sonos (live chat with Samsung was fairly useless), but this is the first issue I've had so I'm not sure what their responses are like.

Any help is much appreciated, thanks!

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3 replies

I know that some older Samsungs could not pass HDMI sources out over optical. Can you get sound for OTA TV stations?

You have TV as your selected audio source, i assume?

As an experiment, take the optical out of the TV and plug it into tbe optical out on the Apple TV and play something on the Apple TV. Do you get sound?
OTA TV = over the air tv station? Unfortunately in Canada we recently got bent over. There's no longer any channel options unless you've got a digital cable box, so that's not an option for me.

My TV sound menu options are EXTREMELY limited, it's frustrating. All I can do is "internally mute speakers" and once I do, I have even less audio functionality.

I didn't even think to check the Apple TV for optical - but just realized now that it has one. I'll try after work tonight, thanks for the suggestion.
OK. If your TV won't pass the sound through then the answer is to bypass the TV for audio. If you can get both your devices to produce sound when connected diectly to the Playbar, all you will need is an optical switch to make flipping between the two easy.