Roam has way to many issues. Does Sonos intend to fix them?

  • 7 January 2022
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OK I get that stereo pairing drops when the speakers power down.  Its a pain in the butt but not a deal breaker.  My problem is that not only does the pairing drop on the Roam, it loses its connection to my voice service and on occasion one of my Roams will completely drop off the system and have to be added back in.  Also, half the time I re-pair my two Roams, only one of them plays music.  The only solution to this is to remove the offending speaker and then reinstall it in the app. And them go through the pairing again with fingers crossed.  WTF Sonos?   I like your products but clearly Roam is not production ready as it fails at several things that a portable speaker MUST do.  Its pointless to have portable speakers when they are in fact the very opposite of portable.  I am concerned that they will never work for the purpose they were intended for in their current form.  So are you going to fix this or do I need to return my Roams and find another option?  

4 replies

Sonos has rarely shared their roadmap, either for improvements, or future hardware.

If you’re unhappy with your purchase, I’d recommend returning it where possible, or reselling it on the second hand market. You can monitor as things change and repurchase when you feel the changes have been made to satisfy your use case. Sonos, like every other company out there, does a fair job of telling people in their descriptions, what the device can do, while not enumerating what it can’t do. 


Thanks for the reply.  Yeah I am probably going to have to return and find something that works for me.  Its disappointing because I love the sound of the speakers when they work.  It seems like these are issues that could be solved with software and firmware upgrades and if I knew that Sonos had plans to address these issues I would keep them.  Hence the question.  Unfortunately my return window is closing soon so I may just have to accept defeat and return them.  

While I understand your frustration, there are many of us that have no issues with the way these devices work for us. However, it appears that you’ve chosen to engage with the community, rather than contacting Sonos support directly. And with so little concrete information in your post, it’s difficult to gain a grasp of your circumstance and setup, so it’s challenging to provide any feedback that might be helpful.


Actually I engaged with the community AFTER I engaged with Sonos support first.   And while the issues were fixed each time, the fix was only temporary as the next time I use them the problems recur.  I am not sure what “concrete information" you are looking for, I think the issues I stated are fairly well defined and from several other posts are not unusual with the Roam but I will provide more information.  To be clear, I have used several other portable speakers in the same area with no issue including an Amazon Tap.   I have a mesh router system with a satellite close to the patio where I use my speakers.  I have never had an issue with a wireless product dropping in that area, so I do not believe wireless connectivity is an issue. I bought two Roams specifically because I wanted stereo separation. If stereo separation was not important to me, I would have just bought a Move and been done with it.  I specifically purchased two Roams over the Move because of their advertisement and product page information. The Roams work fine separately and individually. The issue comes when I stereo pair them.  The Roams work fine until I turn them off.  When I try to use them again, that is when the issues happen. The issues vary from just losing pairing to speakers not working without a reboot.  I’ve seen that many people have had similar problems and the only solution I have seen so far has been to keep them powered up constantly.  If you have to keep them under power for them to function then they are no longer really portable speakers.  They advertise the stereo pairing function which is why I went the route I did. The only reason I made this post was in hopes that someone might have information that I did not because I would like to keep these Roams but only if they work as advertised.  At this point they do not and after exhausting most other potential causes of the issues its a logical conclusion that the Roams have either software or firmware issues revolving around stereo pairing and I was hopeful that a fix was planned and someone knew that this was happening.  Hopefully that clarifies things and thank you for your response.