Repeated reconnects

I have a Sonos 3 that I can't keep online because it sits in an area, that doesn't always have power. Each time it's plugged in, my Sonos system asks me if I want to reconnect it, which is a bit of a dread. Can the system somehow be set to always recognize this unit and display it as part of my system without me having to manually add it each time? Thank you.

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How long is it disconnected from power for? Usually that data would be stored on board the speaker, and should connect again when it has power. Might be worth trying to submit a system diagnostic the next time you have to reconnect it, so that the folks at Sonos can look at the last 10 minutes of data in your system's logs, and see if there's something peculiar going on.
Thanks, Airgetlam.
The offline periods can be anything from a few minutes to several day.
I have noticed that the unit will eventually after a while reconnect under its usual designated name, but until this, the Sonos app will give an alert about an unconnected unit, which I must switch off to continue, and this is what I would like to avoid.
The only suggestion I would have is to set up a reserved IP address for it, so that it doesn't have to request and be served a new IP every time it powers back on. You should be able to find instructions on how to do that in your router's manual, since each one is different. But that being said, I don't think that it will significantly shorten the time between being powered on and being available in the app, maybe half a second at the max. These speakers really are designed to be on all the time, so I can't imagine they spent a lot of time optimizing the boot process for the computer inside the speaker. Probably some, but not a lot :)

Sorry not to be of much more help than that.


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