Remote management through IFTTT ("If This Then That") integration.

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This thread is intended to get an idea of the demand for remote management capabilities, home integration and expandability through IFTTT across the Sonos community.
If you care about home integration but not for the individual contributions, 
make sure you click at least the "Me Too" button on the top right so we can measure the community interest.

Please join the discussion to allow us (the community) to build a solid case for IFTTT

If you have use case scenarios / expectations – share.
Are you a installer / Sonos reseller? Share your customer demands / integration scenarios
If you are a developer and have IFTTT experience share what makes a successful integration 

Quick Primer:

What is IFTTT? IFTTT essentially allows control of devices through simple conditional statement (hence "If This Then That"). The statements are combined in a script and f to a web service that forwards the commands to the selected target devices.

The activities can range any string of commands like 

  • simple push-button actions like “turn off all lights in living room”
  • Setting up a home theater session ”turn on TV, HPC, AVR, dim light, close blinds” 
  • to home management tasks like  “set room temperature to 69” when leaving work, based on geo coordinates gathered from a smartphone. Also turn on sprinkler system for 45 minutes, and start my Sonos when I arrive at home (again based on the coordinates from the smartphone)
  • IFTTT is easy to learn, integrate and apply.
  • IFTTT could significantly simplify the Sonos integration over the rather complex UPnP/DLNA based API that Sonos offers today
  • Allow third parties easy and quick integration of Sonos in other applications
  • Scripts (known as Recipes) can be easily shared between IFTTT platforms
Additional resources:
"Put the internet to work for you."
What is IFTTT?
Sonos API forum discussion

Lets discuss and register our interest by hitting "Me Too" on the top right

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Remote management and (smart) home integration of Sonos components becomes a frequent subject amongst the community. The Sonos support forum also has plenty of threads discussion the integration, however with a more technical in-depth focus on the programming itself.

With IFTTT end users as well as programmers wouldn't have to wrestle with the in depth integration if Sonos would provide such integration.

Sonos should consider to add this to their development roadmap along with support for a development community including a program manager who actually owns the development and the progress of the integration efforts.

What are your thoughts?
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@Bernhard I like the idea but this was asked for two years ago and has 252 likes, surely it would be better to promote the existing thread, or at least merge them.


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