Record Player in-line to connect not playing sound

  • 18 March 2017
  • 2 replies

I connected my new connect and play 1 speakers throughout my house and can stream music on all the speakers individually just fine. However, when I connect my Audio Technica lp60usb to the connect (which has a built in preamp), I cannot get the sound to come oit of the speakers. I go through the app, choose the in line option and try all the different combinations of the sinos equipment and nothing, even though it shows its playing. I am hoping I am just doing something stupid and not clicking one thing. Anyone have ideas?

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2 replies

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It sounds like you are doing the right thing. The obvious questions are all a bit basic, so I apologise for any unintentional annoyance!
Is the turntable phono output connected to the Connect line in?
Are the cables known to be good?
Which zone is selected when you select the Connect line in?
Is the volume on that zone set at something audible?
I would suggest checking the connections on the back of the Connect and possibly also on the back of the turntable, then group all zones (party mode) and then select the Connect line in as the source. Stick a record on and turn the volume up. If that still doesn't work then it sounds like you have a bigger problem.
All good suggestions given already. Also, do you have to select the audio out on the turntable, as opposed to the USB?

That turntable definitely has a selector for whether or not the preamp is actually used. You need to make sure you are delivering a line level output into the Connect.