Recent news of Gen 1 product discontinuance .

  • 23 January 2020
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Sad news today. I have multiple Gen 1 products that are over a decade old. All have worked basically flawlessly over the years except for some connectivity issues. I am very pleases with the products and I’m not that angry they are being phased out, although I’m not that happy either. They were a HUGE investment but I understand that all electronics become outdated over time. My real problem though is that I have my system set up with Amp Connects powering installed speakers. From what I can tell, my only alternative is to purchase the new full featured Sonos Amp for $650 (less if I take the trade in discount). I also have a set up to my stereo with the zp80. Why doesn’t Sonos have updated replacements for these products that cost less? I don’t need, nor think I can afford, to replace all my zp100 and zp80 which cost roughly $350 and $200 with $650 Amps. Sonos should come out with new products that replicate these old systems for a reasonable price. I have always loved my Sonos system and have recommended it to everyone but now without reasonable replacement products I think I might have to check out the competition. Please Sonos, make available cheaper replacement amp and non amp products. I’m sure I’m not alone on this as my system was specifically set up around powering speakers with just an amp. HELP ME!!!

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