Portable wifi (no AC required) speaker available?

  • 31 May 2019
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Do you guys provide a solution for a portable speaker (charging and then use it anywere wirelessly via wifi)?


7 replies

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No. Sonos doesn't have any speakers with a built in battery. You could theoretically use an external battery that can power a Sonos One for example, but that wouldn't be all that portable. The speakers are also designed for indoor use and cannot change to a different wifi network without a temporary hard connection to the network.
Thanks for your quick reply! jordi
This would be fantastic- I think Sonos has forgotten that most markets outside the USA don’t have power outlets in bathrooms. If my UE wonderboom was compatible with my Sonos system that would make my life - at the moment it’s the only room in the house without Sonos. Yes, I can play music by Bluetooth to the wonderboom for when I’m in the shower, but if I already have music playing in the bedroom I can’t multiroom the same songs. Plus I have Sonos alarms etc so music starts playing automatically but need to start the stuff from Bluetooth manually on my phone.
i see there are so many threads about a portable / waterproof Sonos speaker ..... and just as many saying it will never happen. It seems a shame.
Interesting perspective...and quite valid. I wonder what the distribution of sales numbers are, US versus other countries.

Not trying to be particularly American, but if 80% of sales are here in the States, that could be why Sonos doesn't weigh the other areas that don't allow outlets in the bathroom as much as you'd like. But having lived some portion of my life outside the US, I get where you're coming from. But I'd be considering a Sonos Amp and built in speakers....if that was possible. It isn't, always.
Hi Bruce, Yes that makes sense - It could be that the markets just aren’t big enough.
i’ve looked wistfully at the built in speakers because you’re right, they’re an ideal solution.... but currently I’m renting so it’s not possible. They are on the plan for the ‘dream forever home’ one day though! Thanks for your response!
Completely get that. Was in a similar situation when I lived in the EU (before it was that....) and in Asia.

But you may be "saved" by what's being discussed here:


Although you may have to wait a bit. Everything is speculation at this point. Some of it informed speculation, but still :)

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!
Looks like Sonos answered your need. The new MOVE was just announced!

portable rechargeable weatherproof with sonos wifi AND BT capability.

Cool right?