Please Save Volume Settings!

  • 23 February 2018
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I love my Sonos system however there is one issue that I find really frustrating. Every time I open my app when i get home, the volume for my Group has reset all the levels equally. I have different speakers set at different volumes in order to achieve the most even sound possible. It's frustrating to have to constantly reset the levels. This makes it harder to justify buying future Sonos as well because the more speakers I add, the more difficult it becomes. Maybe there is a setting I'm missing here? Please help!

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7 replies

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Hi, Drew Haubert. Welcome to the community. This is not a feature we currently offer but I will definitely forward this as feedback for you. Let us know if you need anything else. Thanks!
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Hey Drew + Ed, I would very much like that same functionality. I have 1 pair of Play 5 and 1 pair of Play 1 in the same (large) room, and I always need to dive in the app to set the Play 5 louder and thus benefit of the added depth of sound of the Play 5. Please add that simple functionality to the Sonos App Preferences. Thanks.
Yes Edward R please pass this message along to whomever can improve this system. I am quite shocked to be perfectly honest that this is not already a feature. But hopefully whomever you pass it along to will be able to take the time to make this adjustment happen and make this product much more convenient to use.
Thank you. And thank you for starting this dialogue Drew.
Agreed! I love my Sonos system... but this is the one thing I have really wanted since day 1.
I would love to have preset volumes for TV viewing, party mode, dinner music, office hours (I work from home) rather than having to adjust all the speakers I have around the house multiple times per day (depending on what I am doing).
To me, this is the biggest thing currently lacking from the system.
I assume that the more of us that request this feature the more the Sonos team will be interested in creating this feature. Keep posting about it!
Yes +1 from me too. A little padlock to lock the volume slider bar of each room would be a nice touch.
I'm very interested in the save volume settings feature as well - seems like a basic feature many people want and should be a high priority. Thank you.