Playbase Airplay issue

  • 10 June 2019
  • 2 replies

Our Playbase recently started having issues connecting to the Apple Music and Podcast apps (i.e. it won't). The only thing that has changed since those issues began is that we have updated the software on our router (Time Capsule). A phone call to Sonos, along with a diagnostic report, revealed some interference.

I've experience that problem before on other Sonos devices, and it's been easily fixed by switching channels. The Sonos team member's suggestion was to link it to the router with a cable, which defeats the purpose of having a Sonos system in the first place.

We would use the Sonos app to play music/podcasts, but that is not an option due to a well documented issue of tracks skipping/cutting out when the phone sleeps.

Any solutions?

2 replies

Well, the suggestion made by the phone folks isn't really defeating the purpose of having a Sonos. In fact, it's the way the system was originally designed, to use a BRIDGE to initiate the SonosNet network. It was only later on in which they were able to program the computers on the speakers to connect directly to your own wifi rather than its own network that it became possible to go either with a wired, or an unwired system.

If they suggested wifi interference, they'd have much more information based on your diagnostics than any of us without access to your network would have, so it's really hard to gainsay that.

What may not show up in the diagnostic (mostly because it really doesn't show up as a record anywhere) could be an issue with duplicate IP addresses, which is consistant with the appearance after a software update. Try unplugging your Sonos devices, and while all of them are powered down, reboot your router. Give the router a couple of minutes to finish rebooting, then plug back in your Sonos devices. That will do two things....refresh your router's DHCP table, which assigns IP addresses, and cause your Sonos speakers to request new IP addresses. That would clean up any potential duplication, which would cause the speakers to be "fighting" for a connection with some other device.
Bruce, many thanks for the reply. Thing is, it's only an issue when playing from my phone. Playing from my desktop computer (using the Sonos app), everything works just fine. But I'll give your suggestion a try. Much appreciated.

Regarding my 'defeats the purpose' comment. The way the system was originally designed is one thing, but the way it is marketed and sold now is another. It is sold as a wireless music system. The fact that it can be set up and operated quickly, easily and over an existing wifi network is a major selling point, and one of the main reasons people buy it. So when it doesn't do what it promises to do, or requires hours on the phone with Sonos support to make it work, it's hugely frustrating, and disappointing. When it works as promised, it's a great product. But more and more I'm finding that it doesn't.