Playbar wirth CONNECT as 5.1 rear

Thinking of purchasing a Playbar. I note that the rear 5.1 speakers can be configured with a Play 1,3,5 and CONNECT:AMP but how about using a CONNECT + separate amp to do this. Is it possible ?

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No. That is NOT correct.

A Playbar may have Play 1, Play 3 or Play 5 (Gen 2) as surrounds (NO need for a Connect:Amp)

You may use a Connect:Amp + 3rd party speakers.

See here:-

The first link at the bottom describes how to setup Connect:Amp with surrounds and 3rd party speakers
Thanks Stuart. I saw the article, which says you can use a 'CONNECT AMP'. My question is can I use just 'CONNECT' (the Sonos device without the amp built in).
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The reason being is that the Amp will likely be doing processing that delays the audio signal and that would make the audio signal out of sync


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