Playbar suddenly stops playing TV-audio

  • 18 March 2017
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Hello everyone

I really hope you can help med out with this issue i'm experiencing. I have a Sonos home theater in my living room consisting of 2 Play:1 speakers and a Playbar. The other day my Playbar suddenly wouldn't play the audio coming from the TV. Music from Spotify plays just fine though. I tried almost anything to resolve the problem. I checked all the cables, tried turning All speakers on and off, resetting all speakers to factory settings. I also tried different cables and sources. But I had no luck unfortunately. I can tell from the Sonos app settings menu that the Playbar doesn't recieve any audio from the TV. I am worried that the optical input in the Playbar might be unfuntional.
I can't think of anything to do, so I really hope you can help with the problem.

Best regards

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2 replies


Have you checked the settings on the audio section of the TV? I had a case where mine got reset and switched from Dolby Digital to something else. I think it was a power surge when I plugged the TV back in after moving, but who knows.

Might be worth pulling the optical cable from the back of the Playbar while the TV is on, and make sure that it's showing red light coming out of it. Then check to make sure that it's completely seated at both ends.

Finally, if that doesn't help, I'd recommend posting the number of a diagnostic here on these boards, which would give the Sonos folks a look at around 10 minutes of the logs on your Sonos system. It might help them figure out something else.

Good luck!
Hello. Thank you very much for your respond. I have checked the TV settings and that the cable is showing a red light. I tried letting all the speakers stay disconnected from power overnight, and suddenly it started working this morning. I decided to watch a movie and halfway in, the sound stops working again.. It is very frustrating, because I can't tell the reason why.

My number of diagnostic is: 7204049. Hopefully some of the Sonos folks will have a look at the diagnostics and help me out ?

Thanks in advance