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  • 15 December 2013
  • 1 reply

One of my Play:5 devices ("Bedroom") periodically cuts out during playback. I have the same issue with Internet radio and local media. Other players are not affected. When paired with another player only this one drops out. Sometimes it seems to reboot completely (drops out of Controller) but sometimes it just drops for a short time. I have submitted diagnostics 3294224

1 reply

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Hello Barry,

The diagnostic you submitted mostly shows a good and stable system - however for some zones, including Bedroom, many packets are dropping.

Seeing that the system has been running for almost two months, during which at least one update has been released, it would be a good idea to perform a system-wide reboot:

1: Close your Sonos Controller application, and unplug all Sonos components from power as well as your Internet Router
2: Only power-up the Router and wait, until Internet Connectivity has been restored
3: Only plug to power the Sonos component which is wired to the router via network-cable, and wait until the Status LED has stopped flashing white and started glowing white
4: Now please plug to power the rest of your Sonos system. They should appear one by one in the Sonos Controller.

Does the Bedroom work better now?

Kind regards,

Bjorn L.


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