Play5 gen2 wireless connectivity intermittent

  • 2 November 2019
  • 1 reply

Hi there, 

My just purchased Play5gen2 wireless connectivity is not stable. (over ethernet is stable).  Initially, after no connectivity in 100% signal environment, powering router on/off picked up the speaker and controller over iphone. Then speaker continued to play with controller app on iphone losing connectivity. Then speaker lost wireless. Back to ethernet. Then speaker 2 meters from router wireless success, then nothing in same location. Logged into router and SonosZP there at 100% - I assume that is the temporary settings network from the speaker to assist setup?. Checked network congestion and channel setup of all other wlans present and swapped router to channel 11 from 6. No success. Two diagnostic reports, though one may be a bit sparse as I hadn’t looked up the 20min data window note.  Diagnostic report confirm no.s  232639688  /  36705872 


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1 reply

If the problem continues, I would perhaps contact Sonos Customer Care and refer them to the diagnostic reports to see if they may reveal any issues.