Play / Pause button function

  • 4 February 2019
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I’ll get straight to it -

Sonos is not playing (ie in sleep mode)
Play / Pause button is pressed

Q: what will it start to play?

(I remember reading somewhere it will start playing the last playlist/music it was before it was turned to sleep’
I can’t remember where I saw this - geez maybe I’m imagining it, just thought I’d would ask you all).

If anyone has the reference for the answer to this can you please post?


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5 replies

Here is the reference, as requested...

Using touch controls
Thanks mate - I have read that section many times and am very familiar with it, however my question still remains.

As I asked earlier I believe ‘waking’ your Sonos from its ‘sleep’ by pressing the play/pause button starts it playing -

I want to know what it starts playing??

Does it start playing from the point/ playlist it was last playing or otherwise??

Thanks ??
Wouldn’t it be easier to test it, rather than relying on some random stranger to supply you an “answer”?
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If you have music in the queue, local files it will just carry on from exactly where it paused. If it's radio eg TuneIn, then it will pick the stream up now.

With online sources it should carry on providing the ADSL/cable/internet connection hasn't dropped
nwgiles thanks for your reply mate, as a new user it’s nice to see people are willing to help in a constructive manner, good on you ?Of course there are always odd ones out.
I had trialled it but had some problems with an in and out internet connection hence Sonos didn’t behave as you described - That’s sorted now and it’s working as you have just mentioned.
Thanks again, cheers ?