Play 5 volume fluctuates

Just recently when playing iTunes through our 2 year old play 5 the volume fluctuates from mostly almost non-existent to moderated. We can't rectify. Tried to update the system without any effect. We are MAC users and control with laptops and iPhones mostly. Anyone help as the system is pretty much unusable as it is?

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I'd recommend that within 10 minutes of one of these fluctuations, you submit a system diagnostic, and post the number here, for the folks at Sonos to look at. Or, for that matter, try one of their other avenues of conversation, as listed under "Contact us" at the bottom of this page.
Thanks for the advice Airgetlam. The problem persisted and I submitted a diagnostic to the Sonos help folks. Unfortunately, it was determined that my speaker is not functional. I'm pretty disappointed since my device was only just over 2 years old, was not heavily used, yet sits on my bookshelf as a 15 lb paper weight. It is out of warranty so I am out of luck. Not sure I could recommend SONOS to anyone since I spent 600 $ for 2 years of listening. :(
Odd, and I'm sorry you've run in to this difficulty. I've had my PLAY:5 for around 6 years, and never had an issue with it, but considering that there's a computer inside each speaker, I guess things can go wrong, what with power surges and other things that can affect sensitive electronics.

But I hope you'll forgive me for continuing to recommend Sonos to my friends.
Oh, I absolutely understand you being happy with your experience. I loved the sound that it produced and would have been thrilled to get 6 years use out of it. That is value. Unfortunately at just over 2 years use, I feel I could have been supported more meaningfully. I have a whole-home surge protection system so it was not caused by stray voltage. Unfortunate.
Yea, that's just a random example of what can affect electronics. I certainly don't know why yours failed. Could have been pretty much anything. Electronics can be funny that way. I hope you can find something that you consider a value for the future.

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