Play 5 Orientation-Tweeters Disabled

Everywhere I read, it says that when placed in horizontal orientation, the inside tweeters are disabled to maintain stereo separation. My two stereo paired play 5s disable the outside and keep playing from the middle and inside. This seems backwards to me. I have them located in two alcoves on either side of my fireplace, so they are firing into the side of my fireplace. I would like the outside active, like I've read about, as they would have a better chance of bouncing off the room's walls and help fill the space. I love them and how they sound, but this contradiction from what I've read and what I am experiencing is confusing. I tried unpairing and re-pairing and I get the same thing. Any insight would be appreciated.

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I have the same issue, and I'm very disappointed by it. I am limited on where I can place my speakers. When purchasing them, I had intentions of putting them in my cabinets in the corners of the room at 45 degree angles. I don't have enough space to have them vertical, and the outside tweeters are disabled when I have them horizontal. As you can imagine, having them at an angle doesn't give me enough high end, the two tweeters effectively facing each other. I had to move them and not have them at an angle, but don't have a lot of space between them for the stereo seperation sound that I want. I paid for speakers with six drivers each, I should have the option of disabling them for the soundscape.
Any luck with tech support on this? I have the exact same problem!
Good ideas...
They do recognize vertical orientation, and switch to just the center tweeter, as well as switch back when placed horizontal. I tried swapping them after separating them, and repairing them, with the same result. I just switched them again, without separating them, to get the desired effect. Unfortunately, my left and right are now opposite, but I guess I'll see what the sonos techs say when they review my email tomorrow. Thanks for all the helpful advice...much appreciated.
I guess it is possible that there is an issue with an orientation sensor. As a workaround you could physically swap left and right speakers. Of course, this will swap channels for the listener, but the tweeters will be in a better place. Do the speakers recognize vertical mode?

Try this: Disable the left-right stereo pair bond, reboot both speakers, then rebuild the left-right bond using the opposite assignment (former left speaker is now the right)
Good idea on the balance. I verified that it fades to one side and the other correctly identified L+R. To summarize...Two Gen 2 Play 5s, in stereo pair configuration, with the middle and inside tweeters functioning (outside two deactivated). Opposite of everything I've heard about this speaker. Sounds good still...just want to get the maximum benefit of filling my long, narrow room. Thanks for everyone's help.
In stereo paired mode, the inside tweeter is disabled in horizontal mode; so perhaps the left/right confusion IS the reason.
Are Left and Right confused? Use the Balance control to check.
I assure you, only two of the three tweeters are operational when placed horizontal (when using two Play 5s in a stereo configuration). But I read that it was the center and outside. What I am experiencing is the middle and inside are powered, which doesn't make a lot of sense, over the outside for the reflective properties.
The Gen 2 leave all drivers working when in horizontal placement; when placed vertically, 2 of the three tweeters are disabled because they would fire in up/down directions then, that Sonos feels is not desirable.
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I don't know if it makes a difference but are you using Gen 1 or Gen 2 Play 5s?